12 Moments In BTS’ ‘Idol’ Music Video You Might Have Missed

12 Moments In BTS’ ‘Idol’ Music Video You Might Have Missed

The tiger, which features prominently in the video, is a sacred animal in Korean culture, symbolizing the country and its people. It’s also thought of as a brave guardian against foes.

A shark also makes an appearance in the visual, aggressively trying to attack the members as they dance in a glass box. Fans made the connection to an old post on the group’s fan page, when eldest member Jin asked the question, “Tigers are even stronger in water. So who would win if tigers come in and fight with sharks?”

Meanwhile, the image of the rabbit in the moon is a reference to a famous Korean folktale, in which a god honored a selfless rabbit by placing it in the moon. The rabbit also symbolizes immortality. And according to YouTuber David Kim, there is a Korean saying that translates to “the more you are cursed at, the longer you will live.” In this case, BTS could see themselves as the rabbits, indirectly referring to the criticism they’ve faced since their debut.

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