Awkward moment man police want to interview turns up during their press conference

Awkward moment man police want to interview turns up during their press conference


September 05, 2018 16:21:22

There were heated scenes outside a Sydney police station today, after a man officers wanted to speak to in connection to an investigation turned up during a press conference.

Hussein Ayoub and his lawyer Eidan Havas gave a fiery and impromptu address to the media outside Kogarah Police Station, with Mr Ayoub saying “I haven’t done anything wrong”.

Moments earlier the duo arrived at the station while officers held a news conference upstairs.

Police were telling reporters they wanted to speak to the 43-year-old, as well as another man, who they believed could assist with inquiries into an alleged rogue ring of tradesmen.

Outside the station, Mr Ayoub — a father-of-three whose image was published by police in connection with a request for information — said detectives had told him he was free to go.

Mr Ayoub said he was shocked to see his picture while watching the news on television this morning.

“I have absolutely no involvement … I haven’t done anything wrong,” he said.

Police were appealing for information about a syndicate of unlicensed electricians.

The group of alleged rogue tradies is accused of offering cheap wiring and unmetered access to the electrical grid to dozens of properties, mainly across the city’s south.

Police also believe the rogue tradesmen are responsible for the death of carpenter Luke Bray, 24, in February last year.

Mr Bray was working in the roof of a Carlton home when he was electrocuted.

Mr Ayoub’s lawyer Eidan Havas said his client will be considering launching defamation case against NSW police.

“He has nothing to do with the death of that kid,” Mr Havis said.

“Police have released a media release saying they would like to speak to my bloke.

“He is here today, they don’t want to speak to him.”

Face ‘plastered all over the media’

Police are yet to provide an explanation, or say whether they still want to speak to the second man.

Police are investigating a large fire which destroyed a home at Bexley in September last year and police believe more properties are at risk.

“We have been speaking to police for the last seven months, assisting with all inquiries in relation to the death of this kid,” Mr Havis said.

“We are saddened just as much as the family is.

“This is a man whose face has been plastered all over the media.”









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