‘It’s chaos everywhere’: Melbourne commuters join long queues after fatal train accident

‘It’s chaos everywhere’: Melbourne commuters join long queues after fatal train accident


April 15, 2019 21:01:09

Commuters using the Sandringham train line in Melbourne tonight are facing major delays after an elderly woman was hit and killed by a train, causing the line to be suspended.

The woman was struck at a pedestrian crossing between Brighton Beach and Hampton about 4:00pm.

Long queues stretched from the Arts Centre, where replacement buses were departing, all the way across Princes Bridge to Flinders Street Station.

Passengers were waiting more than half an hour to get a seat on a replacement bus.

Trains on the line resumed about 6:30pm, but Public Transport Victoria spokeswoman Georgia Main said delays were expected to continue into the evening.

“It will take some time to get that timetable back up and running again and of course there are increased queues at the moment at the Arts Centre, so we do expect that to slowly resume back to normal again,” she said.

“All those trains are obviously out of position and not where they’re supposed to be, so it will take some time before all that returns to normal.

“It’s certainly been a very tough trip home for people tonight.”

The disruptions on the Sandringham line came on top of planned service changes on the Frankston, Cranbourne and Pakenham lines.

Buses were replacing trains on those lines between Flinders Street Station and Caulfield to allow for construction work to be carried out.

On Twitter, Public Transport Users Association spokesman Daniel Bowen described the combination of events as “the perfect disruption storm”.

Mat Burhop was left queuing for a replacement bus to Sandringham for more than an hour.

“All I want to do is get home and watch Game of Thrones,” Mr Burhop said.

“I would wager I might get home in three hours.

“The metro system always seem to fall apart. Whenever there is a crisis everything turns to shit. Getting home’s a nightmare.”

Amy Welsh is usually on the Frankston line, but decided to drive to Ripponlea and take the Sandringham line thinking it would be quicker.

She was queuing for over an hour and said the lack of communication was frustrating.

“They haven’t told us where the line actually is. I had to go back 200 metres behind me and re-join the [queue for buses for the] Sandringham Line,” she said.

“They need more people to tell us where everything is going.”

Miles Kendall, who was trying to get to Gardenvale, said he was confused by the situation.

“It’s chaos everywhere,” he said as he queued for a bus.

“It’s a very slow moving line. I’m not sure there is enough buses up there.”





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