Teen allegedly tortured for hours before being killed over ‘small’ property dispute

Teen allegedly tortured for hours before being killed over ‘small’ property dispute


March 28, 2019 11:25:55

Sydney teenager Justin Tsang is believed to have been kidnapped, murdered and buried in a shallow grave in the Blue Mountains over a “small” property dispute, police say.

Key points:

  • Justin Tsang’s alleged murder may be connected to a dispute over a small amount of property, police say
  • He was tortured for “hours and hours” before being killed, police say
  • Three men have been charged with his murder and refused bail

The body of the 17-year-old from Canada Bay was found last Tuesday in a grave at the Jamison Lookout at Wentworth Falls.

He was last seen by his family eight days earlier.

Police allege Mr Tsang willingly got into a green BMW sedan in Drummoyne around 7.00pm on March 11 and was taken to a house in Burwood Heights where he was detained until the next day.

They then say he was beaten and then brutally killed in the house on March 12.

“He was physically assaulted for hours and hours and hours, so you could say it’s torture,” Commander of the NSW Homicide Squad Detective Superintendent Scott Cook said.

“He was brutally murdered, he has significant injuries, he has defensive injuries and there’s some suggestion that he was actually pleading for his life during the course of that.

“It’s very sad.”

It is alleged Mr Tsang’s body was taken to the Jamison Lookout in the same car that he was picked up in the previous day.

Yesterday police arrested four men at a Burwood Heights home and two of the men, aged 18, were charged with murder and detaining a person.

The other two were eventually released.

Later, a 19-year-old man was arrested at Burwood Police Station and charged with the same offence — it is alleged he organised the murder.

Detective Superintendent Cook said the death was inexplicable.

“We’re not even sure what the particular property is but we know that there was a dispute over a small amount of property, of little value,” he said.

“It’s very concerning in a sense that if the underlying motive is a property dispute, how that can escalate to torture and murder.”

Police believe the men charged were involved in online gaming but it is not clear if that activity is directly linked to Mr Tsang’s death.

“We think the murder was to do with a property dispute, the gaming may or may not add some other aspect to it but it’s certainly not the cause of it,” Detective Superintendent Cook said.

Mr Tsang was known to one of the men and police are investigating those links.

The three men will appear in Burwood and Bankstown Courts today.

Police are appealing for information about the green BMW, registration AQN 41 L.





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